Friday, March 21, 2014

52 Ancestors: #8 Little Mary Catherine Green

Mary Catherine Green, Age: 3 yrs.
Three year-old Mary Catherine Green received a gift from her mother on Christmas Day of 1899.  It was Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. The light green cover had gilded lettering and dark green vines mingling with red berries. 

Book inscription
Lavanche, Mary's mother, wrote an inscription on the front page of the book.  Underneath her message, a child copied the word "Xmas."  Perhaps it was little Mary who did it.

Mary Catherine Green was born on July 18, 1896 in Rush County, Indiana. She was probably named after her aunt, Mary Catherine Trees.  Mary had one older brother, James Cyrus (my great grandfather).   Her family lived in a big brick house in Manilla, Rush County, Indiana.  On June 15, 1902, Mary died from the measles, just one month before her sixth birthday.  It must have been devastating for her father, who was a doctor.

Mary and her brother, James Cyrus Green.  Don't you love her dress?
Mary's Alice In Wonderland

Several years ago, my grandpa gave Mary's book to me.  A note was written by my grandpa and tucked inside Mary's book:  

 Mary C. Green was "little Mary," daughter of John D. and Lavanche E. Green.  She died when she was about six years of age.  She would have been my Aunt.

I recently read Mary's book.  Many of the pages have scribbles in the margins, and some are torn.  Maybe it wasn't the best idea to use such a tattered copy, but I enjoyed reading it.  I wonder if Mary Catherine liked her Christmas present.


  1. What a great present and what a great read. So sad that she passed away so young tho. What was the copyright date on that one?

    1. Sorry, I couldn't find the copyright in the book. There is a page that has been torn out and it was probably on that.