Friday, August 1, 2014

52 Ancestors: #25 Mary Ann Kenney, Died While Reading the Morning News

Greensburg Standard, July 10, 1896
 "The news of the death of Mrs. Mary A. Smiley came as a shock to the many friends of the family.  Though at the advanced age of seventy-nine years, she had been in her usual health on the morning of her death.  After eating her breakfast, she had gone into the sitting room to peruse the morning paper, where she was discovered by her daughter, having peacefully breathed her last, the paper yet remaining in her hand."  (Obituary from the Greensburg Standard)

Mary Ann Kenney as born in New Jersey in 1816, the daughter of Jonathan Kenney and Edith Richman.  She was married on February 7, 1838 to William Smiley, a wealthy farmer of Scottish origin.  They had ten children: Permelia, Caroline (my 3 times great-grandmother), twins George and James, Harvey, Thomas, William, Mary, Sovereign, and Letty.

The Smileys lived on a farm known as the Smiley homestead, situated on a vast amount of land in Clay Township, Indiana.  In 1878, William divided his land (1,000 acres) among his children, and he and Mary moved to Greensburg, Indiana, where they remained the rest of their lives.  Mary was made a widow in 1893, when her husband was thrown by his colt in a freak accident.   Three years later,  Mary Kenney Smiley died of heart failure.

"Mrs. Smiley was a devoted Christian lady, and her death removes from earth a character the emulation of which would make a better world.  THE STANDARD joins in the general expression of sympathy for the bereaved family, fully appreciating the loss suffered in the death of one held so dear as Mrs. Smiley."  (Obituary from the Greensburg Standard)

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