Monday, April 21, 2014

52 Ancestors: #13 Hannah Elizabeth Scroggins, NOT "Scrubbrin"

Hannah and Charles Sharon
When I began working on genealogy, I used my grandmother's notes as a starting point.  According to her, my great-great grandmother's name was "Elizabeth Scrubbrin." I thought it was a very strange last name.  Eventually I discovered her real maiden name was Scroggins.

Hannah Elizabeth Scroggins was born October 16, 1874 in Lovington, Illinois.  Her parents were John Scroggins and Laura Hannah Carter.  She had three younger sisters and two younger brothers.

On New Years Day, 1893, she married Lawrence Anderson in Findlay, Illinois.  They had five children: John Orin (1894), Mary Olivia (1895), Charles William (1897), Elsie Ellen (1902), and Harlan Hosea (1904).

It seems that Lawrence died in 1903, before the birth of their last child, Harlan (my great grandfather).  I assume that he died, but I haven't been able to find his death certificate or grave.

On October 18, 1903, Hannah married Charles Leroy Sharon in Illinois.  They had two children: Edith (1907), and Leonard (1910). They moved from Illinois to Oregon during the Great Depression along with John, Charles, Harlan, and Leonard and their families.  All but John later moved back to the Midwest.

Hannah died March 31, 1958 in St. Elmo, Illinois.

Charles and Hannah Sharon and family.

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