Tuesday, April 29, 2014

52 Ancestors: The Family Jewels (Supplement to #15 and #16)

Hester Florence Latham (1878-1951)

Hester's topaz necklace was given to my mom by my grandmother before I was born.  My mom put it away in her jewelry box for many years, although she did wear it on one occasion.

I remember looking through my mom's jewelry when I was a little girl and trying the necklace on.  I even found some clip on topaz earrings that I wore together with the necklace.

Lavanche Emarine Trees  (1870-1960)

A few years ago, my parents and I were helping my grandfather sort through his things.  We discovered many treasures, including old coins from the Philippines. (My grandpa was there during WWII.)

When my grandpa pulled out a topaz bracelet that belonged to his grandmother, Lavanche, my mom thought it looked familiar to her. She brought out Hester's necklace. We were all amazed at how closely they matched!

What a coincidence that my maternal great-great grandmother and my paternal great-great grandmother had the exact same taste in jewelry!

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